Sunday , March 19 2023

CDCR Jobs Opening for Licensed Vocational Nurse

Website California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Job Description:

Under clinical direction of a registered nurse or physician and under assigned administrative supervision at a correctional facility, in a program providing care to inmates; provides a basic level of general nursing care to inmates with mental, emotional, or developmental disabilities, or visually impaired, medically ill, or infirm inmates; and does other related work.

Job Responsibilities:

  • May perform nursing procedures as regulated by licensure and certification such as: administering medications by any route except intravenous and intrathecal; performing treatment and procedures including passage of nasogastric tubes, administration of enteral feedings, monitoring of blood glucose, urinary catheterization, and administration of enemas; maintaining infection control by using universal precautions; collecting and documenting in the interdisciplinary notes data such as vital signs, inmate behavior, inmate response to medications, nursing care, and treatment plan; documenting significant changes in inmate’s behavior and health status in the interdisciplinary notes and reporting those significant changes to both a registered nurse or physician and the assigned supervisor; demonstrating competent and safe utilization of unit and hospital emergency care equipment and techniques; participating as part of the treatment team with other disciplines by contributing to the overall treatment program for the inmate; participating in inmate activities including unit routines and specific group activities, as outlined in nursing care plans/Individual Program Plans; using therapeutic nursing interventions and modalities to assist inmate in regaining and improving their physical adaptive skills and decreasing maladaptive behavior; assisting rehabilitation therapists in occupational, recreational, and industrial therapy programs for inmates; motivating and assisting inmates to develop self-reliance in activities of daily living; escorting inmates to intramural or extramural medical, health, or other community services; demonstrating awareness of inmate rights and the potential for inmate abuse; promptly reporting any adverse behavior, inmate abuse, or suspected abuse by staff; and observing and intervening in instances of disruptive or assaultive behavior.

Job Requirements:

  • Knowledge of: Fundamentals of nursing care, including medication administration; general nursing procedures and techniques involved in the inmate care; principles used in caring for individuals who are immobile; medical terminology; and general hospital/facility routine and equipment.
  • Ability to: Perform nursing procedures as regulated by licensure and certification; observe and document symptoms and behavior; maintain records and prepare reports; gain the interest, respect, and cooperation of inmates; work effectively with inmates and the interdisciplinary treatment team; function effectively in an emergency situation; and practice universal precautions.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Willingness to work at State correctional facilities; demonstrated leadership ability; aptitude for working with inmates who are acutely ill, infirm, visually impaired, have an emotional disorder, or who are mentally or developmentally disordered offenders; and demonstrate emotional stability, patience, tact, and alertness.

Job Details:

Company: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Healthcare

Job Location: Bakersfield, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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