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Forensic Photo and Media Technician jobs

Website City of Tampa

Job Description:

An employee in this class is responsible for performing technical work of average to advanced difficulty in connection with digital imaging, photographic applications, printing of crime scene photographs and the collection, identification and preservation of digital media from the crime scene. Under general supervision, the employee performs all photographic duties to include digital uploads/downloads, scanning of negatives, enlargements, custody and control of photographic evidence and equipment, training crime scene technicians in the proper use and care of photographic equipment, retrieval of digital media from the crime scene for preservation purposes and conversion of extracted data media files from proprietary format to an industry standard format.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Prints color photographs using automatic print processors; makes enlargements from all types of negatives.
  • Receives, documents, preserves, archives and controls crime scene evidence in the form of digital, and film/negatives.
  • Performs preventative maintenance and minor repairs on all photo lab equipment.
  • Receives and processes image duplication requests for investigative and judicial purposes as well as public records requests.
  • Researches case information in computer files; testifies in criminal proceedings in reference to photography.
  • Uploads digital media into computer database for archiving.
  • Transfers photos from negatives and converts to digital format using Noritsu-S 600 film scanner
  • Maintains photographic files to include CD’s and film negatives.
  • Enhances photographic images for investigative purposes and judicial presentations.
  • Assist with inventory control of supplies and all photographic equipment.
  • Maintain monthly reports and records of all work performed and supplies expended; assist with ordering photographic supplies as needed.
  • Provides photographic support services for special events, ceremonies, historical events and other occurrences on request.
  • Collects and preserves video evidence at crime scenes from various media devices as directed.
  • Enhances and extracts video for conversion into digital video formats usable for forensic analysis.

Job Requirements:

  • Extensive Knowledge of: All photographic duties; a variety of cameras, and color photographic processing equipment. Ability to take professional grade photographs
  • Considerable knowledge of: Courtroom proceedings; preventative maintenance requirements of machinery and equipment utilized. Effectively testify in court on all digital media related evidence.
  • Working knowledge of:  Operate and maintain equipment necessary to develop and print photographs utilizing a color automatic printer and processor. Ability to take professional grade photographs. Knowledge of methods and techniques used in audio-visual production; rules and procedures pertinent to evidence collection and preservation.
  • Ability to:  Instruct others in the proper use and care of all photography and video related equipment. Operate a lightweight motor vehicleSkill in the use and care of audio/visual and photographic equipment; use of various computer programs for digital imaging and image enhancements. Extract video from proprietary formats and convert to other media formats. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, members of law enforcement, community agencies and others.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or vocation school and a minimum of two years of college or vocational school with focus on photography or video editing and (3) years of experience in film and digital photography.

Job Details:

Company: City of Tampa

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Information Technology

Job Location: Melbourne, FL, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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