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Job Description:

This position is located in the District 06 Division of Blind Services office in Orlando, Florida. This position reports to and supports the work of the District Administrator (DA). The primary responsibilities of this position will center on managing, under the direction of the District Administrator, staff and services focused on preparing and advancing blind and visually impaired applicants and clients through the Division of Blind Services (DBS) Employment Program.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Track and monitor weekly job development activities.
  • Utilize effective counseling and coaching strategies in accordance with agency personnel policies and procedures to ensure acceptable job performance of subordinates.
  • Ensure that staff maintain a 21st century understanding of the evolving labor force and the needs of blind and low vision clients, through proper training and supervision. This includes the utilization of workforce data and tools such as Labor Market Information (LMI), Sector Strategies,
  • Career Pathways, Apprenticeships and industry certifications; as well as other programs leading to competitive integrated employment.
  • Supervise DBS Employment Program Counselors, Employment Placement Specialists (EPS) and Rehabilitation Technicians.
  • Exhibit, demonstrate, and reinforce the expectation of internal and external cooperation and teamwork to subordinates.
  • Keep the District Administrator (DA) and Personnel Administrator (PA) apprised of outstanding performance by staff who are deserving of employee recognition, as well as any personnel issues that may require corrective action. Develop and implement corrective action plans as required.
  • Meet at least quarterly with each subordinate to discuss job performance and ensure each employee is fully aware of his or her level of performance, as it relates to established performance standards.
  • Conduct monthly case reviews to ensure timely provision of services, appropriate documentation, and client attainment of competitive integrated employment paying above subminimum wages.
  • Maintain and practice a current understanding of DOE and DBS policies and guidelines regarding information security.
  • Work with counselors and district leadership to ensure additional services are coordinated.
  • Ensure staff conduct follow-up calls with clients and employers within 90-days of the employment start date, as well as at the 180-day employment anniversary to determine further services and possible job opportunities for other clients.
  • Model, demonstrate, and guide employees in the use of the principals of flexibility, adaptability, and approachability – while adhering to applicable laws, rules, policies and procedures.

Job Requirements:

  • Knowledge of State and Federal Regulations, rehabilitation technology for the blind, process and procedures, the interaction effects of aging and vision loss and medical aspects of vision loss.
  • Ability to perform sighted guide; supervise and positively influence staff, instruct and implement requirements and conduct training in basic activities of daily living techniques for the blind.

Job Details:

Company: Florida Department of Children and Families

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Other

Job Location: Orlando, FL, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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