Wednesday , February 1 2023

Packager Job Application at Merit Medical Systems

Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

About the job


Packages and labels products, inspects products to ensure that the number and type of product matches the label, and records the products packaged.


* Boxes manufactured products, checking products to ensure that they are the correct lot number and amount to be put in the box, and that the label matches the lot number and amount.

* Checks boxes to make sure that they are properly secured and that they are clean and neat in appearance.

* Obtains the correct labels for products to be boxed, matching labels with goods ordered.

* Inputs information into the computer system for all products boxed, making sure that information is complete and correct.

* Stacks boxes on pallets, making sure that boxes of similar products are kept together, and that the boxes are stacked properly.

* Answers questions regarding the status of products made and boxed, checking to make sure that information is correct.

* Performs line set-ups.

* Ensures line clearance has been performed.

* Performs related duties, as assigned.


* Lifting — up to 50 lbs

* Writing

* Sitting

* Standing

* Bending

* Vision

* Color perception

* Depth perception

* Reading

* Field of vision/peripheral

* Fine motor skills

* Noise

* Chemical vapors

* Soldering fumes


* Education and experience equivalent to a high school diploma.

* A minimum of six months of responsible work experience.

* Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in checking information.

* Ability to perform basic mathematics in a business environment.

* Ability to understand the importance of correct information in meeting customer needs.

* Ability to work with others and solve problems.

* Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

* Ability to recognize, identify, and distinguish between different medical products by their appearance.


* Box inspection

* Labels

* Data entry/computer



Infectious Control Risk Category III:

The risk category explains whether or not employees are likely to come into contact with blood or body fluids while performing their jobs. Risk category III states employment and procedures that do not require exposure.

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